About us

Bringing forward the Spirit of Musicians of the Time”

Live recording 8th August 2014 at MAfestival Brugge

Fons Harmonicus was founded in 2013, made its successful debut at the Vienna Konzerthaus in the Resonanzen Festival, and won the Fringe Public Prize at the Utrecht Early Music Festival in September 2014.

The ensemble was established by the baroque violinist Asuka Sumi following an award at the H. I. F. Biber Competition in 2013; she was joined by the polymath keyboardist/composer Panos Iliopoulos and Maximiliano Segura Sánchez, a peculiarly passionate violoncellist.

For Fons Harmonicus, the art of performance resides ‘between’ the connection, interaction and transmission of musicians and styles, and ‘beyond’ borders and times. Through solid technique and keen research-based insights, the group sheds light on unknown works and provides new perspectives on established masterpieces via experimental arrangements and interactive programming.

The intense but flexible musical dialogue of Fons Harmonicus was begun in the ensemble’s home base of Amsterdam, where all three members studied with celebrated teachers at the Conservatorium.

Following their prize-winning first program ‘Il Vento da Transalpina’, the group will be performing diverse programs in 2015, ranging from Italian seicento legacy to fantasies in Bach and including ‘The Queen’s Hunchback – Christina Queen of Sweden and the Arcadian Academy.’


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