Upcoming concerts

4 September 2015 12:30 at Tivoli Vredenburg, Grotezaal (Utrecht, NL)

Fabulous Fringe in Utrecht Early Music Festival

‘SACRA FANTASIA -Bach & the Universe of Organ masters in 17th century-‘

Experience the extraordinary fantasy and ingenious harmony of organ composers’ instrumental works in the ‘Stylus Phantasticus’ (fantastic style).

Music by Frescobaldi, Bödecker, Muffat and Bach


Previous Concerts

10 May Sunday 12:00-13:00

at Scheepvaartmuseum (Amsterdam)

18 December (2014)

14 November (2014) at Bijbelsmuseum (Amsterdam)

1 September (2014) at Sonnenborgh, Utrecht (NL)

Fringe Concert in Utrecht Early Music Festival 2014 (‘Il Vento da Transalpina’)

8 August (2014) 15:30- at Provinciaal Hof, Brugge (BE)

Fringe Concert in MAfestival Brugge 2014 (‘Il Vento da Transalpina‘)

21 January (2014) 

  • Festival Resonanzen 2014 ‘Vorspiel’ at Berio saal, Konzerthaus (Vienna, Austria)
  • program “il Vento da Transalpina”
  • music by Marini, Schmelzer, Biber, Lonati and Corelli

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