PROGRAM for Season Two – 2015

In its second season, Fons Harmonicus offers unique programs distinguished by their attention to characteristic Patrons of the 17th century, focusing on an exquisite array of individuals who had passionate love and protection for their respective musicians, and thus became the dedicatees of many works.

We introduce a variety of stories surrounding these patrons, opening the secret cabinet of a duke in Italy or peeking into the Queen’s ballroom in Rome…

The Queen’s Hunchback -Christina Queen of Sweden and the Arcadian Academy-

  • violin, violoncello, harpsichord/organ 
  • Through the pieces by forgotten Roman violinist Carlo Ambrosio Lonati and the other important Arcadian members, the program leads you to rich musical experience as if joining in the Queen Christina’s salon.
  • Music by C.A.Lonati, Stradella, Mannelli, Pasquini, Corelli,G.Bononcini, Händel etc.

Francesco’s Private Cabinet -Estense Manuscripts in Modena-

  • violin, violoncello, harpsichord/organ
  • Abundant manuscript collection in Este families library reveals you many facts of late 17th century string music. Surprisingly virtuosic music written especially for the young Duke Francesco II and his court by Bolognese school musicians such as forgotten virtuoso Colombi, first cello composer Gabrielli will stimulate your ears.
  • Music by Colombi, Gabrielli, Jacchini, G.B.Vitali, T.A.Vitali etc


PROGRAM for Season One – 2014

il Vento da Transalpina!Exploration of Violin Virtuosity in the 17th century-

  • violin, violoncello, harpsichord/organ
  • Juxtaposition of Italian and Austrian violin musics shows unique influence by those northern virtuosities in violin’s mother country over the Alps.
  • Music by Rognoni, Schmelzer, Biber, Lonati, Corelli etc.

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Exsultate in Deo -17th century Christmas Cantatas-

  • soprano, alto, bass, 2violins, violoncello, harpsichord/organ
  • Theme: Celebrate the Advent and Christmas with forgotten but beautiful cantatas and motets by North Italy and German composers in 17th century.
  • Music by Stradella, Legrenzi, Weckmann, Biber etc.


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